Hello and welcome to Daves Outdoor World. Daves Outdoor World is about Outdoor Recreational fun, outdoor gear and outdoor informational links to trails outdoor gear and fun. I am a Affiliate advertiser for outdoor gear companies and their outdoor products in which I get commission on when you click on the banners and purchase from them. No transactions take place on my website, by clicking on the banners of these outdoor companies it will direct you to their safe and protected websites. Help support Daves Outdoor World by purchasing your outdoor gear hear. Your money will go much further in helping me to promote the Great Outdoors and helping others to get out and be active and more healthy. Not just my business, but support others who support the Great Outdoors and people. I will try my best to pick the best companies and let you know about the best deals. Daves Outdoor World has two web sites, this one and www.davesoutdoorworld.ning.com where you can get connected with others who love the outdoors, make friends, chat and post and enjoy pictures from all over.. Ther is a link in orange at the top of my web site. If you have a specialty please contact me and if approved I will let you post your specialty or knowledge on my web site to share with others in the community.

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