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I2013 I also purchased a Prodeco Outlaw 750 watt 28mph electric bike. Best money I ever spent. I have now had this bike for 3 years now and all is good. Prodeco electric bikes are made in Florida and built by American workers. The reason I chose Prodeco is because of the value that you got for your money. All the parts on this bike are quality name brand parts that you would find on upper higher end electric bikes double the price. I did not want to spend a fortune on my first electric bike. You do not want to buy to cheap as you get what you paid for. With a 2 year warranty across the bike it was something I could live with. Turns out it was a good choice. at 165 lbs this bike will go with me at 28mph for about 20 miles or so on a flat surface. This is a 9 speed so I can peddle also and go about 50 miles. I like the fact that I can peddle for a few miles get my exercise and then take it easy and cruise while I rest and enjoy the ride. The quiet electric rear wheel direct drive motor is efficient and powerful. The power peaks at 1200 watts. The bike weighs in at 62 lbs with battery, without 42lbs.  www.Prodecotech.com

​Electric bikes are the future.​ With batteries getting smaller, lighter more powerful and the price is coming down for everyone to afford.

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I am proud to be a council member for this organization since about 2012. I was a part of the efforts as a volunteer to help to get this trail designated by the Department Of Interior in 2013. My efforts continue as we begin the promotional phase of this trail next year 2016. On the right side of this Paragragh is a direst feed of information from the Rock River Trail web site if you would like to read. On the left is the founders Frank Schier's newspaper out of Rockford IL. Take a read about the local news in Rockford and surrounding areas and national news, it is very very good. Below you will find the mission of the RRTI and other info.

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Traveling in our Rv, a 35 foot Forest River Flagstaff V-Lite and pulling it with a 2008 Ford E-350 Extended passenger van that I have added some upgrades to. Traveling from Illinois to Texas for the winters. I bring my two bikes with me, a 2013 Prodeco Outlaw 750 watt 28 mph Electric Mountain Bike and my new 2016 Trek Mountain Bike. While in Texas I find some good tent camping and take my bikes as I discover bike trails and camping in the area. On the left of this column you will see my facebook page www.Facebook.com/TravelinginmyrvI also am a advocate and promoter of the Hennepin Canal Trail and Rock River Trail both National Trail Systems in Sterling IL. I am owner of Daves Outdoor World in Sterling, IL and kayak and bike these two trails regularly during the summer when we are in Illinois. You can follow me on all my social media sites all above on the introduction.

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​​Rock River Trail Initiative Mission

The mission of the Rock River Trail Initiative is to establish and support a Rock River Water Trail along the 320-mile river course from the headwaters in Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin,to the Mississippi River at Rock Island, Illinois,and a separate Rock River Route on roads and trails within the river corridor to provide access for all to the natural resources, recreational opportunities, scenic beauty and historic and cultural assets of the Rock River Valley.

Rock River Trail Initiative Vision

The Rock River Trail Initiative envisions a commonality of interests in and respect for the Rock River that will result in active participation by a diverse and growing number of residents and visitors in recreational trails and transportation routes on and along the river, revitalized andPROSPEROUS  river communities on a clean river and the enjoyment and appreciation by all of the scenic beauty, natural resources and historic and cultural assets of the Rock River Valley.

Role of the Rock River Trail Initiative Council

The role of the Council is to implement and sustain the Rock River Trail Initiative’s vision for a trail system within the Rock River corridor and to achieve the Initiative’s mission and goals through public and private partnerships.

Key Objectives

The Rock River Trail is a local initiative to establish along the 320-mile river course, through Wisconsin and Illinois, a multi-use trail of recreational, scenic and historic interest and significance.

The Rock River Trail is a two-state, 11-county comprehensive effort, begun in 2010, which integrates public-private partnerships and intergovernmental cooperation to:

Establish the Rock River Water Trail and achieve designation as a state and national water trail,
Establish a scenic, recreational and historic route within the river corridor including the Rock River Trail Scenic and Historic Route for motorists and the Rock River Trail Bike Route with hiking opportunities.
Promote ecotourism and recreational opportunities throughout the river corridor, including safe portage of the dams from Waupun, Wisconsin to Rock Island, Illinois,
Advocate toPROTECT , preserve and educate about our native American peoples, settlement cultural heritages and contributions of the river valley’s industrialists, agriculturalists, statesmen and visionaries to the American experience,
Contribute to improved water quality and an enhanced river ecosystem by supporting and advocating for natural resource conservation, stewardship and environmental planning and design.
port economic development and revitalization of our river communities.​



Daves Outdoor World is your guide to outdoor recreation fun. Follow us as we travel in our Rv from Illinois to Texas exploring campgrounds, bike trails, kayaking and capturing photos of the great outdoors & wildlife. My name is Dave and I am a writer, photogragher, Rv traveler and outdoor recreationalist who loves the outdoors. Follow me on my blog  or at Blog=www.davesoutdoorworlds.blogspot.com







​               Daves Outdoor World Blog.

Daves Outdoor World

​Rock River Trail A National Water Trail / Illinois & Wisconsin

For more information about this trail go to 


​The Hennepin Canal Multi National Recreation Trail is in danger of closing, as Illinois and the Illinois Department Of Natural Resources are in financial troubles. In the last few years the Maintenance workers and care takers of this Great Historic Trail have been dwindling. At its peak of 13 workers for this 104 mile linear park it has 3 maintenance workers left. The bike trail is not in good shape and erosion, trees and weeds are taking it over. The water trail especially the feeder portion of the trail has many trees that have fallen in to the channel with more ready to go. While the workers are putting up a good fight for 3 men we are working to gain attention to this problem. This trail begins at the Rock River in Rock Falls & Sterling IL at the beginning of the Feeder Canal that runs 30 miles south into the main canal that goes East & West 75 miles. The Canal was opened in 1907 but was soon obsolete when the railroads began to take over. The Hennepin came along to late. Soon it was being used for recreational activities only. Illinois pumped in nearly 18 million dollars to pave most of the trails and other enhancements before financial difficulty set in or lack of interest. At some point many years ago the canal became just a trail. In the last couple years as kayaking has become one of the most popular sports along with biking we have once again began to realize this historic trails importance. I started biking and kayaking this feeder trail a few years ago. Soon I began to realize what a special place this was and the tourism and potential for money and business. I started Daves Outdoor World of kayaking and biking to promote and bring awareness to this great trail. This last year kayaking on the Hennepin was booming as more and more people took to the water. Soon because of social media exposure the Canal is back on the radar, but our work is not done. We need supporters and volunteers near and far to help us get the word out about this Historic Landmark and important piece of history, culture and people. Also seewww.Friends-hennepin-canal.org

            ​​​          Hennepin Canal North Feeder


Daves Outdoor World of kayaking, biking and camping hometown is located in Sterling, Illinois. Home of the Historic Hennepin Canal Trail some 104 miles of biking and kayaking. Other trails in the area are the Rock River National Water Trail a two state effort between Wisconsin and Illinois of some 320 miles. The Rock River Trail system is also a multi trail system of a Auto road route, kayak & canoe trail and a bike trail. I have been fortunate enough to be a volunteer for both of these trails and a council & board member. Here along these trails in the Sterling, Rock Falls & Dixon towns are plenty of biking, kayaking and camping. During the spring and summer there are many get togethers and group recreation events. You can follow the events and activities through many of my social media outlets and web sites. Just click on the Daves Outdoor Worlds link at the top of page to the right under the large pictures to follow me on these social media sites. During the Spring & Summer in Illinois is where you will find Daves Outdoor World. In the late fall and winter you will find Daves Outdoor World in Tennessee & Texas. Daves Outdoor World is active in kayaking, biking, electric biking, electric boating, tent camping and Rving in our Flagstaff travel trailer. So come follow us as we travel in our Rv discovering campgrounds, biking trails, wildlife and more. Connect with me personally at www.Facebook.com/Davedruen

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​kayaking, biking and camping

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